If you would like a chance to be on TV read on! I have had this info from a company called Monkey Kingdom who are making a programme for Sky Living.  Here are the details!

Sky Living flyerThis observational documentary series will look at what this institution means in the 21st century by documenting the first year of marriage through the eyes of a number of newlyweds.

We will capture the experiences and milestones of a variety of couples from across the country. From the wedding day to the first anniversary and everything in between, we will film the successes and challenges that come within the first year.

We have just started our casting process and are currently looking for couples who are planning a wedding between July and October 2012. We are looking for a diverse range of couples who would not only be willing to share their special day with us, but would also be happy for us to film with them for a couple of days every month over a year long period.

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