Caring For Your Bridal Jewellery

Sterling silver is a beautiful precious metal that will last for generations with proper care. It can tarnish when exposed to the air, so it is a good idea to store your jewellery in its box and keep it covered with the complimentary piece of silver cleaning cloth that comes with your order.

Silver can react with the natural acids in your skin, some people will find that their jewellery stays clean after a number of wears whilst others will need to clean it after each wear, this is completely normal and is also the reason why the same perfume can smell differently from one person to the next, we all have differing amounts of these natural chemicals.

Tarnished jewellery can be cleaned with the polishing cloth that comes with your jewellery, just rub it over to remove any dirt or discoloration. These cloths are impregnated with a gentle cleaning and anti-tarnish agent.

If your jewellery has been neglected and needs a more thorough clean then you can use a liquid jewellery cleaner. Make sure you read the instructions carefully, the cleaners vary in strength and if you leave your jewellery in them for too long or don’t rinse the jewellery carefully afterwards you can cause damage. be careful if your jewellery has stones or pearls – Swarovski crystal and pearls are fine but real pearls, opals and similar stones are porous so should not be immersed in liquid.

Always put on your jewellery after spraying hairspray or perfume, this prevents the mist settling on the crystals and dulling their shine and also prevent it tarnishing your silver. Make sure you remove your jewellery before using any product containing bleach, ammonia or acetone e.g. nail varnish remover.

If you follow this advice , and store your jewellery in its box with the piece of silver cleaning cloth it comes with covering it, you should only have to give it a brief wipe over before wearing for maximum sparkle!

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