Most brides visiting wedding blogs are looking for inspiration, but it’s so easy to end up feeling inadequate… and as if your wedding just won’t be cutting edge enough to compete with the painfully hip/steampunk/Star Wars themed (delete as applicable) big days featured on some of the blogs out there.

Did you know that some brides actually consider whether their wedding will be ‘good’ enough to appear on  these blogs while planning it and make choices accordingly?  How sad…your wedding should be planned to make two people happy…you and your other half.

Anyway, to the point of this blog post which is to direct you to what is (in my opinion)  the best wedding blog out there – English Wedding Blog

Owned and run by the lovely Claire Gould, English Weddings features weddings which are  beautiful, classic, happy days with special touches that will make you feel inspired, full of little touches you can use to enhance your own wedding safe in the knowledge that your Grandkids won’t fall over laughing or run screaming from the room when they see your wedding pics…

I asked Claire to share some advice with you lovely lot about wedding blogs and planning and this is what she said…

‘Wedding bloggers live in a world full of gorgeous things and their mission is to show you all the most exciting ideas they can find. Blogs are bursting full of information and ‘stuff’ so the important thing to remember is that you don’t need all of it. There is so much choice out there, and my role as a wedding blogger is to present you with all the ideas and choices in one place, so you can pick one or two you love best of all.

If you ever start to worry that your wedding won’t have all the lovely things you see online, or that it won’t look as perfect as you want it to, it’s time for a little blog break. Blogs, Pinterest and all the other wedding websites can be overwhelming, so step away for a day or two and focus on your groom and your love. Time and time again brides on the English Wedding Blog tell me the details really don’t matter on the day; it’s about the people – most importantly, the two of you.’

There, see what I mean? A lovely lady who is down to earth and realistic about weddings but still has the knack of finding the best big days to share with you…if you only do one thing today toward your wedding planning, go visit English Wedding!


Tracey x


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