A guest post today from the lovely Dr Grant McAree on how to get that perfect smile on your big day!

There’s no doubt about it, you’ll probably never be photographed more than on your wedding day. So, for many brides – and more and more grooms – it provides the perfect incentive to get the smile they’ve always wanted. Ditto mums, sisters, bridesmaids … I’ve treated five people from the same wedding party before now!


When it comes to weddings, whitening is the single most popular choice at my dental practice, followed by straightening and anti-wrinkle injections. But for some of my patients, it’s simply about tackling a longstanding niggle: maybe filling a gap (often simply done with tooth-coloured cosmetic fillings) or treating a single tooth (perhaps by straightening or with a veneer).


Sometimes very small changes – a bit of whitening, a couple of white fillings, even just a scale & polish – can make all the difference. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


But a great smile isn’t just about the teeth – it’s also about the lips and lines around the mouth and chin, which is why patients often choose to have Botox® and/or dermal filler injections to complete the look.


Injecting with skill and precision is the key to a natural-looking, safe result, which itself comes from an intimate understanding of the intricate balance of facial muscle movement, in my case gained as a qualified Dentist. I personally adopt a ‘less is more’ and age-appropriate approach to produce a refreshed look. No ‘trout pouts’ or frozen expressions on my watch!


Improving your smile could take less time than you think, although I never advise having anything done just before the day chat through your options with your Dentist well in advance:


*           Rapid whitening (carried out at the surgery) takes just 1 hour, while home whitening (which you do yourself wearing custom-made clear gumshields) typically takes 7-10 nights.


*           Revolutionary new braces like the Inman™ ‘speed brace’, Invisalign® ‘invisible braces’ or clear aligners designed to treat just 1 or 2 teeth can straighten teeth in months, rather than years … even in as little as 6 weeks in some cases.


*           With dermal fillers, results are immediate while with Botox®, you’re likely to see wrinkles softened in 3-5 days although full effects usually take up to 10 days.


Case selection is hugely important, as everyone’s teeth are different and not all cases are suited to all treatments. Treatment should only begin once you’re happy with the predicted outcome and overall cost. So, find a Dentist you can trust and get the smile you’ve always dreamt of for your big day!


© Dr Grant McAree 2013



Dr Grant McAree is one of the leading Cosmetic Dentists in the South West and has treated patients from across the country and abroad. He is well known for his ‘Ask Dr Grant’ column in ‘Exeter Living’, monthly column in the ‘Express & Echo’ and as Sensodyne Dentist 2010 & 2011. His main source of new patients is word-of-mouth referrals, which is testament to his commitment to his patients. He set up The Whyte House dental practice in Topsham, near Exeter, in August 2007 after successfully building one of the largest dental practices in Devon over the previous 5 years.

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