With the hundreds of thousands of wedding dress styles out there it can be understandable that some brides can become a little overwhelmed by the choice available to them. But there is no need to worry, we are here to help you decide on the style of dress that is best suited to you and your personality, as well as suggest the best wedding jewellery to wear to accentuate your features and enhance the style of dress you go for.
Before we even consider your dress style we should look at your personality. Once you understand your style personality it will be easier to choose the dress design that will make you look and feel better than others. Your dress and jewellery will really work for you on your special day when they match your personality.

  • Are you a natural bride? With natural brides comfort will be a priority when choosing the perfect dress and bridal jewellery. Of course this does not mean you don’t appreciate fashion and designer looks, but you would feel better dressed in a more relaxed style of dress. You should look for a softer design with fabrics that drape well. Being forced into a structured dress with boned sections or a restrictive corset will only make you feel uncomfortable. Wearing a veil may also be quite irritating, so opt for a sophisticated hair style complimented with a bejewelled hair comb such as this Crystal Vine Hair Comb:

bridal hair comb

  •   Are you a Fashionista bride? Do you love keeping up with this season’s must have looks? If you are the first to the till with bang-on-trend style then a dramatic designer wedding dress would suit you well. Choose something with lots of heavy silk fabrics with fine detailing, and a long veil that drapes along the floor and is embellished with crystals . Go dramatic with the bridal jewellery to ensure that you sparkle with eye catching glitter. A good match would be this Icicle Necklace :

icicle bridal necklace


  • Are you a classical bride? You are a classical bride if you know what suits you, and you are comfortable with your own style regardless of what is hitting the front pages of the fashion magazines. You appreciate good quality and clean lines, and would find ruffles and frills far too fussy to be part of your wedding dress design. A traditional A-line satin dress in cream or off-white would suit your personality, and team this with a short veil for an elegant finish. You also have an eye for beauty so the deep lustre of pearl or diamond jewellery would enable you to shine on your big day. The Sophia Choker would look stunning and sophisticated on a classic bride:

Sophia Choker


  • Are you a city girl? The Sex in the City girls of TV and Film fame have really helped to shape a look which combines the classical bride with the hottest trends in shoes and accessories. A city girl bride will favour quality and modern classic designs when it comes to choosing the perfect dress, but will often turn up the volume by teaming the dress with eye-catching accessories. Quite often statement pieces in non-traditional colours will be chosen to give the wedding outfit a quirky twist that leaves a memorable impression. This dramatic Black Rose necklace would certainly fit the bill:

black rose necklace


  • Are you a vintage style bride? Do you crave for a wedding that embodies the style and class of a time gone by? There are specialist wedding dress suppliers that can offer actual vintage wedding dresses from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, or you can opt for a dress to be made for you with elements of vintage style. Silk, satin and fine lace gowns with sleek lines and nipped in waistlines call for vintage style jewellery to accentuate the look and feel you want to create. Our Vintage Inspired Bridal Necklace and Earring set would complement this look completely:

vintage wedding jewellery


  • Are you a quirky bride? You love your individuality, and enjoy mixing up your style to stand apart from the crowd. Creative types such as yourself will never be happy with an off-the-peg design wedding dress, so set yourself a challenge to seek out a true vintage style dress that is unique and one of a kind, then tweak it to express your own sense of creative style. Traditional jewellery accessories will probably not fit well with you or reflect your true personality, so opt for something that is not the norm to accessorise your look. Take a look at our unique “In Colour” Hoop Pendant and Chain for a bit of quirky inspiration:

in colour pendant

  • Are you a true romantic bride? If you are in love with romance and have been dreaming about your wedding dress since childhood, then you will love a really feminine and girly dress with lots of ruffles, sparkles and attention to detail. Try to avoid any dress styles that are too stiff and don’t swish and swirl when you move in them. Think of flowing fabrics, fine lace trimmings, and sparkling jewellery that will catch the light and shimmer as you glide elegantly along. Go with a long flowing veil that sweeps along the floor behind you and is bejewelled with tiny crystals to leave a trail of glittering light in your wake. Pull out the stops with your wedding jewellery and choose some stunning pieces to add to the romance of the day. For example, see our beautiful Wildheart Necklace featuring a stunning heart shaped Swarovski crystal pendant:

wildheart bridal necklace


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