If theres one thing you can rely on with the British weather, it’s that it is completely unreliable, you could have gorgeous sunshine for your March wedding or torrential rain in August.  So what can you do to prepare?

Umbrellas are a great idea if you are worried about the odd shower or a downpour – there are companies that will hire you a bucket of umbrellas and collect them afterwards, a nice easy idea to keep you and your guests dry. Or how about using umbrellas as wedding favours? You can buy them for a couple of pounds, and its one thing that everyone male or female uses at some time so will be gratefully received!  Tie a tag with the name of each guest to the handle of a brolly for a perfect cheap gift that can even be a part of your wedding pics if you choose colours to match your colour scheme.

Of course you may be blessed with beautiful sunshine in which case the umbrellas will come in handy for a bit of much needed shade 🙂

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